Cycling through the city

Cycling through the city

Visiting by bike is a way of knowing the natural and cultural heritage of the city through an ecological, economical and fun type of transportation. It also helps us stay in shape.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to park in the center of Alicante, in addition to the many organized events such as parties, markets, fairs … So it´s easier to approach it by bike.

Another asset of doing this type of activity is that it can be performed with the smallest of the family.. Cycling with children can be used to promote knowledge and respect for nature. It’s a good way to bring them closer to the environment.

Without a doubt, cycling around the city has many advantages. In particular, one of the most important for many tourists is the comfort and the practicality of it. You can stop anywhere you wish, to see monuments, museums or beaches. Perhaps travelling by car, you could not enjoy it because of the parking problem.

The Alicante City Council offers a map showing the different bike paths that can be covered in the city. If you are more adventurous and want to go further, you can take your bike in the tram or in the commuter trains without any cost. If you want to know more about this type of itinerary, the Provincial Council of Alicante offers 24 different routes with different degrees of difficulty to know the surroundings of the region, from the plain to the mountains.

It’s your chance to visit the city in a comfortable and fun way, so go for it and pedal!